Internal Doors

Sliding Internal Doors

Sliding internal doors consist of several types of interior doors used to separate particular rooms or areas in your home or office while adding style and design to your overall concept. Unlike your standard doors that need a bit of space when opened and closed, sliding doors are perfect for both spacious rooms and areas with limited space because they don’t take up much room when open. These doors are built with a roller system that allows them to open horizontally and smoothly. Most sliding internal doors are made of glass, aluminum, and wood, or a combination of any of these materials.

Among all the materials used for creating sliding internal doors, glass is the most popular. Because of its capability to allow light to pass through, glass sliding doors enhance the lighting conditions in darker areas. Glass sliding doors are widely used in offices as they offer a more professional look to the work environment. Likewise, they are used extensively in homes as they save a lot in space without sacrificing concept and design.

Various Types of Sliding Internal Doors:

  • Sliding French doors. These sliding doors look exactly like the standard French doors, except that they slide sideways rather than swinging in or out. They consist of glass panels built into the frame.
  • Standard sliding doors. When open, this type of sliding doors glides over the portion of the wall.
  • Patio sliding doors. These doors are similar to standard sliding doors, except that they are specifically built for patio or deck areas and allow you to clearly see what is on the outside. These are perfect when you have a swimming pool or a spacious garden, or if you simply want to see people approaching even if you are inside your house.
  • Louvered sliding doors. These sliding doors are made with functional or fixed louvers or shutters. They provide a stylish alternative to standard internal doors and are widely used as closet doors or room dividers.
  • Pocket doors. This type of sliding doors slides horizontally and disappears into a space within the wall when open. However, these doors can be used as a single or double set since they are made up of two separate pieces.

The prices of sliding internal doors vary depending on their style, material and quality. The better the quality and the more intricate the style or design, the more expensive they may be. Although glass sliding doors have been the most popular type of internal doors, wooden sliding doors are fast becoming a favorite alternative because of their natural rustic effect and homey look. Wooden sliding doors are also quite durable, although they can be pricier than standard or glass sliding doors.

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